“Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you can’t, fold your hands, blasé your brothers & let them go their own way.”

We are happy to share our previous years' activities with you. Please feel free to download.

Activity report of the year 2006            Activity report of the year 2006
Activity report of the year 2007            Activity report of the year 2007
Activity report of the year 2008            Activity report of the year 2008
Activity report of the year 2009            Activity report of the year 2009
Activity report of the year 2010            Activity report of the year 2010

Diary of 4 Years and 10 Months
Group at a glance: Total Monetary Help Rs 3,02,225/-
Total items given:

Dhuti Sari Chappal Child Dress Blanket Shirt Pant Ganji Biscuit Medicine
42 128 52 Pairs 34 19 66 43 25 2127 Rs 29, 500/-

Misc. Items- Uttario-9, Swal-2, Frock-13, Chadar-14, Panjabi-Pajama-11 Set, Lungi- 9, Boost/ Horlicks / Bournvita - 10 Pack, Bed Sheets-6, Sweaters-10, Quilt with cover-2, 14 sets of garments for men, Ladies garments-15, Churidar-12 Pc, Half Pant-4, Mosquito Net-2, Chira-10Kg, Sugar-2Kg., Steel Plate-4 Nos, Rice-5KG, Mustard Oil 0.5 Kg, Salt-1Pkt., Khata-94, Pen-80 pc, Pencil-2 pc, Eraser-82 pc, Geometry Box-5 pc to 237 Families.
February 2011

  • 01.02.11
    Given Rs. 500/-, Shirt-3, Full Pant-1, Sari-1, Sweater-1 to Sri Nirapada Mondal of Nibeditapally, Barasat, P.O.-Noapara, 24PGS(N) for Angioplasty surgery of Sri Dulal Mondal.
  • 08.02.11
    Rs. 1500/-, 2 Note Book, 2-Pen is given to Sri Chandan Chowdhury of MB Road, Belgharia for admission cost of his son Kailash of class-IX. Chandan Babu is a Rickshaw puller.
  • 10.02.11
    Rs. 100/-, Sar-1Pc is given to Smt. Sandhya Das of Bhowanipur, Basirhat, 24PGS (N) for her daughter’s marriage.
  • 14.02.11
    Rs.2000/- is given to Bhula Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra, Vill- Bhula, P.O.-Nalbon, Dist-Paschim Medinipur, Pin-721253 for their activity. They are organizing Swami Vivekananda Sastha Prakalpa.
  • 20.02.11
    Smt. Ranu Mondal is a Widow & she is distress condition. She is living in Alipur Battala of Nimta, Kol-49. Helped him by giving Rs. 1000/-, Sari-1, Dhuti-1, Uttario-2, Ladies Garments-1 Set
  • 25.02.11
    Sri Pankaj Majumder living in Vill-Deora, P.O-Media, PS-Swarup Nagar, Gobardanga, his house was burnt on 19.02.11. Given Sari-2, Shirt-2, Genji-2, Lungi-1, Fullpant-1, Frock-2, Halp pant-2, small shirt-2, Blanket-2, Mosquito net-1.
  • 26.02.11
    Given Rs. 200/- to Sri Bablu Chowdhury of Ichapur, 24Pgs (N) for the treatment of Smt. Juthika Chowdhury.
Total of January 2011 - Rs. 5,300/-
January 2011

  • 02.01.11
    Given Rs. 2000/- to Nohari Ramakrishna Pally Unnayan Sangha of Vill-Nohari, Paschim Medinipur.
  • 10.01.11
    Given Rs. 200/-, Sari-2, Full Pant-4, Half pant-2, Winter Garments -4, Shirt-2, Blancket-1, Lungi-1, Biscuit-1 to Smt. Rita Sarkar of 5/1, Umesh Mukherjee Road, Belgharia. Her husband is paralysed.

    Given Rs. 100/- to Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra of Vill+PO- Kadra, Dist-Paschim Medinipur.
  • 12.01.11
    Given Rs. 100/-, Female Winter Garments-1, Child Winter Garments-1, Child Garments-1, Blanket-1, Sari-1 to Smt. Tuku Kabiraj of Barrackpur. Her son Abhijit suffering from physical illness.
  • 18.01.11
    Given Rs. 200/-, Sari-2, Shirt-1, Churidar-1, Sweater-1 to Sri Anup Banerjee of Nimta, Chowdhury Para, Kol-49 for his treatment.
  • 19.01.11
    Rs. 500/-, Sari-1, Buiscuit-2 packet is given to Smt. Sabita Das of Narayan Palli, Nimta for her daughter marriage.

    Rs. 500/- is given to Smt. Balika Mallick of Duttafulia, Nadia for her daughter marriage.
Total of January 2011 - Rs. 3,600/-
December 2010

  • 03/12/10
    Rs. 500/- is given to Nohari Ramakrishna Pally Unnayan Sangha of Vill-Nohari, Paschim Medinipur. Here a coaching center run by few highly dedicated poor boys.
  • 04/12/10
    Rs. 500/- is given to Ghatmura Vivekananda Pathachakra of Vill-Ghatmura, Paschim Medinipur. They are having a student’s home and also giving free medical treatment for the poor and various other activities.
  • 08/12/10
    Rs. 500/- is given to Swami Samirananda Maharaj for purchasing medicine.
  • 09/12/10
    Rs. 500/- is given to Sri Amzad Khan of Bankati, Bankura for making seating mat with 200 cement bags in Bankati Gadadhar Avyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) center.
  • 19/12/10
    Given Rs. 800/-, Rs. 1,000/-, Rs.200/- & Rs. 100/- respectively to Nohari Ramakrishna Pallly Unnyan Sanstha, Ghatmura Vivekananda Pathachakra, Kusumdahari Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Pathachakra, Organj Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda Pathachakra, Paschim Medinipur for their development activity.
  • 30/12/10
    Given Rs.-20/- Sari-1, Shirt-1, Pant-1, Swal-1, Blanket-1, Sweater-1 to a old person, Sri Ajit Chakraborty of 5 Bipradas Dey Lane, Kol-5. Vivvsc helped him earlier (15.09.09) also.
Total of December 2010 - Rs. 4,120/-
November 2010

  • 05/11/10
    Rs. 1000/- is given to Smt. Kamarun Nahar Munsi of Duttafulia, Ranaghat. Her husband ill at Dubai now unable to do anything.
  • 27/11/10
    Rs. 200/- is given to Sri Norapada Mondal of Nibedita Pally, Barasat. Help him for his operation (Angioplasty).
Total of November 2010 - Rs. 1,200/-
October 2010

  • 03/10/10
    Given Dhuti-1, Shirt-4, Sari-1, Churidar-2, Frock-2 to Smt. Sikha Mondal of Rajib Nagar Colony, Belgharia.
  • 10/10/10
    Rs. 2000/- is given to Samser Nagar Swamiji & Netaji Seva Sangha, Vill-Samser Nagar, Dist -24PGS (N), Pin-743439 for their activity. They run a free coaching center.

    Rs. 300/- is given to Sri Rabindra Dha
Total of October 2010 - Rs. 2,300/-
September 2010

  • 01/09/10
    Ajay Bed, Maldah, Harachandrapore, Present address : Belgharia Station : Given Rs. 2 pcs pant, 2 pcs shirt, 2 pcs sari, 3 pcs frock, 2 pcs shirt & pant, Child garments-2 sets , 5 kg rice, 500 gm Mustard oil, 1 pkt salt, 1pkt buiscuit.
  • 27/09/10
    Given Rs. 500/- to Ramakrishna Mission Sevapratisthan, Kankhal-249408, Hardwar, Uttarakhand.
  • 29/09/10
    Sabitri Biswas of Titagarh, Khalpar,, 24 PGS (N), She is a widow (age 65) and alone in her family. 1 No. Sari is given to her.

    Given Rs.50/-, Sari-1, Shirt-3, T.Shirt-1, Pant-2, Churidar-2, Buiscuit-2 Packet, Chadar-1 to Smt. Minu Biswas
Total of September 2010 - Rs. 550/-
August 2010

  • 05/08/2010
    Given Rs. 400.00 to Sri Trishik Nath, Son of Sri Tarak Nath, Kesab Sen Street, Majerhati, Nimta, Kol-49. Also he is attributed with 12 pcs khata, pencils-2pcs, Erazer-2 pcs,. Sri Trishik is a student of class –I & Mr. Tarak Nath is a casual staff in a steel Mfg. Factory.
  • 05/08/2010
    PRABIRAZAK, A Social welfare society of Kalinagar, Krishnanagar-Given Dista Khata- 80 pcs, Geometry Box- 5 Boxes, Pen – 78 pcs & Eraser – 80 pcs –. They run a free coaching centre & above mentioned items are given for their poor student.

    Given Rs. 50.00 to Md. Yasin Khan as travelling charge for his eye operation.
Total of August 2010 - Rs. 450/-
June 2010

  • 11/06/2010
    Given Rs. 2000/- to Smt. Jhuma Majhi of Sonarpur, Vill- Ramchandrapur for the treatment of her 2 years aged daughter Mithu. She needs to do MRI for further treatment.

    Given Rs. 2000/- to Smt. Sujata Mondal of Amtali, Chotomollakhali as admission fees in class XI (Arts) & purchasing books for her son Sambhu Nath Mondal.

    Sent collected Medicines nearly cost Rs. 15000/- with 30 small packet of milk powder to Ghatmura Vivekanannda Pathachakra.
Total of June 2010 - Rs. 4,000/-
April 2010

  • 03/04/10
    Rs. 1000/-, Pant-2, Shirt-2, Ganji-1, Nighty-2, Salwar Kamij-2, Sari-3, Lungi-1 is given to Sri Tapan Nath of Sutabecha, Mudirbazar, 24PGs(S). His wife suffering from Throat cancer. He is pulling a van and having 1 Male(11 years) & 1 Female (15 years) child.
  • 07/04/10
    Rs. 1000/- is given to Juba Mahmandal of Chotomillakhali for starting/running Book Bank with the books of Ramakrishna Mission Aila Relief books.
Total of April 2010 - Rs. 2,000/-
March 2010

  • 01/03/10
    Rs. 2000/-, Dhuti-1, Sari-1, Genjii-1 is given to Sri Bapi Chatterjee of Taltala, Bongaon, Pin-743235 for his daughter marriage.
  • 02/03/10
    Given Rs. 500/-, Sari-1, Dhuti-1, Genji-1 to Smt. Maya Sarkar of Muragacha, P.O.-Jugberia, Dist- 24 PGS (N) for her granddaughter marriage. Her son is suffering from cancer.
  • 05/03/10
    Rs. 500/- given to Sri. Parimalendu Dutta for his daughter Paromita Dutta studying in Datal Pukur Polytechnic in 1st year ETC residing at 1A, 167 No. Azad Hind Nagar, Agarpara.
    Rs. 6000/- given by one of our brother to Antyodoy Anath Ashram, Vill-Pausi, East Medinipur for their regular activity.
  • 15/03/10
    Rs. 50/- is given to Smt. Sikha Sen of Goruhata, Uluberia for her poor condition after lost her husband. She has a daughter also.
  • 17/03/10
    Rs. 344/- is given to Sri Tapas Kumar Pakira a DME 3rd year boy of Begampur for attaining campus interview at Raiganj in Abir Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. His Father is a mason. Good news is he has gotten the job.
  • 23/03/10
    Rs. 1000/-, Sari-1, Dhuti-1, Churidar-2 is Given to Sri Santi Kumar Dutta of Chandita, Naity, Hooghly, for damage of Two Kidney’s of his daughter. He is working as Security Guard.
  • 26/03/10
    Rs. 1000/- is given to Sri Pravas Kr. Jana of Khakurdah Vivekananda Juba Mahamondal, Paschim Medinipur for the cost of dress to 12 poor students.
Total of March 2010 - Rs. 11,394/-
February 2010

  • 11/02/10
    Given Rs. 500/-, Sari-1, Dhuti-1, Shirt-1, Frock-1 to Smt. Shikha Mondal, Jatin Nagar Colony, Khalpar (Basti) for the treatment of her father suffering from Animia.
Total of February 2010 - Rs. 500/-