“Truth,Purity & Unselfishness-whenever these are present, there is no power below or above the sun to crush the possessor.”
How We Started

We, Samprit, Subrata, Alokesh, Sourabh, Gobinda, Tamal, Santu, Avijit, others, along with Biswarup Maharaj gathered on a holy day (Dol Jatra, 14th March 2006) in the premises of Ramakrishna Mission Calcutta Students' Home, Belgharia (Vivekananda Dham) in the evening. After a friendly discussion it was given a sketch line as follows-

Vivvsc group meet
  1. A very informal deposit may be created to support the suffering humanity apart from the activity of Students' Home and Vivekananda Study Circle Belghoria.
  2. Our friends and well wishers, it may be from any sphere of society, without discriminating student, ex-student, of Ramakrishna Mission and so on.
  3. There are no hard and fast criteria for depositing.
  4. The idea is to generate the awareness among the suffering humanity, as he can overcome the current scenario and also lend the hand to do the same to others.
By forming the group through net we try to create centers in different places where individual members on behalf of group can give support and help as required and to extend its activities, encourage and inspire like-minded people to join it.

Srirampore Group Meet

Vivvsc group meetOn 27th September’ 2010, the auspicious day of Maha Navami we set off for the meet. The venue was “Vivekananda Nidhi”-Sri Rampur, a beautiful place by the river of Ganges. The number of attendees was 43. Since we heard about the meet a few days ago, we were talking about many things to be discussed. Many questions raised, many points discarded; we were just trying to plot a route of the discussion. Ultimately on 25th, the meeting agenda was prepared by Snehasis, Gobindo, Gautam and Amit. Here is a little glimpse on discussed matters:

It was a consistent and extraordinarily interesting discussion.
The meeting started as per schedule at 2:00 PM with the song: Veer Senapati Vivekananda.
After the introduction of group members, every one keeps a view on how they perceived the group and its activities.
Different interesting views came forward -it is energy to life and tax of life.
Sourav discussed how the group activities started initially.
Then cloth collection by Arghya – a little difficulty in collecting clothes from south Kolkata.
A separate database of cloth donors would be maintained by Gobindo.
Gautam explained the challenges in photo lamination and brothers were requested to hands-on it.
Ayan and Dr.Ghosh focused on our blood donation activity.
The present database of blood donor’s going to e updated also.
The frequency of mails to the group also reduced.
So, everybody was requested to contribute.
Revered Maharaj focused on love for ideal and integrity. Our turbulence immediately disappears after listening to him.
As discussed, there will be no separate bank account or generation of alerts for any condition of the drop box.
He quoted Swamiji “I call him Mahatman whose heart bleeds for the poor”.
On one occasion a brother escalated of working for the street children in a particular area including education and health.
But we were in the route of working on our domain rather than effort so extensively.
Sourav deliberately wanted more participation from Shilpapitha students in VSC which agreed by present students also.
More interactive sessions from seniors’ brothers with the present students could be formulated.
Active participation of Br.Atmodipochatyana ji in VSC-Shilpapitha to coach the new students was also expected.

Now, the most interesting part which came out from our discussion-
A new project of manufacturing of solar lamp has been taken by the group.
Proactive participation of brothers is being expected. Best quality materials are going to be used for it.
Already Kalyan and Dinobondhu have started exercising the project in a serious manner.

After that we went out for a group photo session with tea and snacks. While returning all the way through the river, we look back to the shore and trying to clutch that wonderful moments in our hearts.